Gift Registry

Happy Baby Boxes offers a free, easy to use gift registry for parents to tell their friends and family what they need as they embark on this journey.

How it works:


1) Click 'Create' below and enter your information to create your registry.

2) Shop our subscriptions, gift boxes and products. In the top left corner of each product page, you can click this button to add that product to your registry.

3) Manage and check status of your registry at any time by clicking 'My Registry' in the menu.

4) Share the link '' to your friends and family. When they visit the site, they will look up your name and find items in your registry to buy. They will even be able to send you a personalized note with the gift.

5) You'll be notified when an item on your registry is purchased and by whom (so you can say thanks!). When you created your registry, you'll have the choice between receiving the gifts when they are ordered or keeping the subscription box delivery schedule.

No duplications, no wrong orders, no products you don't want, no hassle!

Pro Tip: You can either add a whole subscription to your registry (if you expect one gift giver to be VERY generous) or just add each box in the subscription to your registry so that 4-6 gift givers can split the subscription costs.