The Ultimate Parents-to-be List

If you are a first-time parent, it can be overwhelming figuring out what you need to be prepared for your baby’s arrival. This is a list, that has been passed along by many parents, to help you navigate through the beginning months with your baby. Many of these items are included in our subscription boxes and available in our shop.

 Items to source in advance to baby’s arrival:

  • Crib - should be sourced a couple months before baby’s arrival as it can take some time to be delivered. Make sure it meets all safety recommendations. Crib conversion kits are available for some models, which is a nice option for your growing baby.
  • Crib mattress – typically sold separately from crib and can come as double sided for transition from infant to toddler.
  • Changing table.
  • Change table pad.
  • Nursery chair/glider – I recommend one with a decent head rest for parents comfort.
  • Basinet – You can also use your stroller basinet and purchase the basinet stand as an option.
  • Nursing pillow.
  • Stroller – I highly recommend one that is easy to assemble, grows with your family, functional and easy to clean.
  • Car seat for infants – you will need to bring this to the hospital with you. It’s a bonus if it is compatible with your stroller.
  • Car seat base – make sure you install as per manufacturer’s instructions.


To source any time before baby’s arrival:

  • Crib sheets x 2 – jersey cotton or flannel are extra cozy and can be kept on all year round.
  • Swaddles – Lulujo are very cute and get softer with each wash. Good for swaddling baby and can be used as light blankets, nursing covers and stroller covers.
  • Change pad covers – I recommend getting 3+ since they get dirty very quickly.
  • Large blanket or playmat that is good for tummy time and play time.
  • Car seat winter cover by 7AM if baby if born during a cold season. Babies should not wear winter coats or many layers in their car seat for safety reasons.
  • Onesies – you are going to be doing approximately 10 diaper changes a day, so to make it easy and comfortable, my go to is ZippyJamz, which has a zipper to easily change and keep baby warm.
  • Comfortable outfits. My favourite are Juddlies playsuits made from organic cotton and they are cute and comfortable. 
  • Hooded baby towel from Zoocchini are super cute and comfortable making bath time even more enjoyable.
  • Diaper salve – My favourite is Bum Bum Balm by Dimpleskin. It is organic and actually works to keep diaper rash away. 
  • No tear shampoo – I recommend Aleva Naturals 2-in-1 Hair and Body wash. It is extremely gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and can help with cradle cap. It is self-foaming which makes it easy to rinse out.
  • Sleep sack – 1 tog for warmer climates and seasons and 2.5 tog for colder seasons. 
  • Baby bathtub – Netting is helpful for no slip and safer baths.
  • Diapers and wipes – I recommend Aleva Naturals Bamboo Ultra Sensitive Wipes, they are extremely gentle and biodegradable. There are also eco-friendly diapers such as Pamper Pure and Huggies Special Delivery. You will be going through approximately 10 diapers per day at the beginning and a pack of wipes per week so stock up!
  • Diaper pale and liners – these are really effective at keeping the baby’s room clean and not smelly.
  • Soft baby books and board books – Babies tend to be very rough on books and might try to teethe on them. Also great for baby exploration and development.
  • Baby nail clippers or file - Can be found in our safety kit
  • Baby thermometer - Can be found in our safety kit.
  • Nasal aspirator for a runny nose – Baby hydraSense is also very effective. Can be found in our safety kit.
  • Vitamin D drops – 400 IU, taken as directed by your doctor.
  • Pacifiers - glow in the dark are handy for nighttime. 
  • Burp Clothes - Gerber are very soft and you will be going through a few a day.
  • Breast pump.
  • Bottles - Your baby might be particular to a certain type of bottle. Most popular brands are Philips Avent, Dr. Brown's and the Como Tomo.
  • Bottle and baby food warmer.
  • Battery run baby swing.
  • White noise machine – this could be your phone, iPad or dedicated electronic device (such as Sleep Sheep).
  • Baby monitor.
  • Diaper bag for parent.
  • Car mirror.


Our experts at Happy Baby Boxes have put together this list to help you and have created the best baby box subscription service so you get the majority of the items on this list delivered straight to your door when you need it and at below retail prices. Many of these products are also available on our shop too!


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