About Us

Hi! We are Lee and Tara Hodgkinson, founders of Happy Baby Boxes. We are the proud parents of our beautiful daughter Ally, who has taught us a lot about parenthood, which we knew nothing about before meeting her. We were those people who searched for lists on the internet about what to buy and what are the best products out there – it felt so overwhelming and very expensive at times.
 A friend of ours who recently had a baby sent us a list of essential products to source before our baby arrived and it was a lifesaver! It was still very time consuming since I was looking for very specific products and it wasn’t a one-stop-shop for all. We tried our best to be as prepared as we could be and then our baby ended up coming a few weeks early, which messed up all of our plans! Somehow, we had to pack our hospital bag, scramble to do baby laundry so the newborn would have clothes to wear and install the car seat - while in labour!
We are now seeing a lot of our friends join us in the parenthood club and hearing about the same struggles about what to buy, what are the best products and when do you need it. I have passed along my list to multiple friends and family, and I know this list continues to get passed along to this day. That’s why we started Happy Baby Boxes: to share our list and help new parents. Our goal is to help parents feel prepared for the most amazing adventure of their lives and help them along the way in our community so they can enjoy every moment with their baby.
 From our family to yours,

 Lee and Tara

About us

Why choose Happy Baby Boxes?

Happy Baby Boxes cares about families and our planet. We show this by:

1)      Working with North American manufacturers as much as possible, including brands such as 7 A.M., Juddlies, ZippyJamz, Lulujo, and many more

2)      Selecting the highest quality and most reputable brands, including Philips Avent, Bumkins and many more

3)      Choosing ecofriendly and safe products, such as Dimpleskins Naturals Bum Bum Balm, Juddlies bamboo playsuits, ZippyJamz organic cotton onesies, Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover and only BPA free products

4)      We use 100% post consumer recycled material for our boxes, wrapping tissue paper and decorative paper shred, which are also recyclable

5)      We consult with a team of four professional experts, including doctors and nurses, when creating your boxes, ensuring all products are safe and recommendation for your baby

6)      Caring about our planet to us also means donating a portion of our profits to the World Wildlife Foundation . Caring about families to us also means donating a portion of our profits to the Sick Children  and the The Shoe Box Project for Women